Not sure how to use some of the features of the Volkswagen California? No problem!

Once you're out on the road you may be looking at some of the features of your campervan and frantically searching for answers for how to access the storage space or open the pop up roof to access the roof bed. The below set of videos will cover the controls in the VW California Ocean that you will need to use on your trip to make the most of the campervan.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a total newbie to van life in the VW California range it's easy to forget the demonstration the team gave you before you set off on your adventure. We've got you covered with all the key features of the Volkswagen California campervan below so that you can set up camp wherever you are!

These videos refer specifically to the VW California campervan that we hire to all Clarkie's Campers customers. If you have hired any other camper van from the Volkswagen commercial vehicles range then you will need to consult instructions for that specific VW vans model.

For driving specific and California concept features, such as adaptive cruise control, steering wheel controls, infotainment system assistance, LED headlights, digital cockpit setup, how to use the single sliding door and more you will need to consult the Volkswagen California Ocean user manual.