If you're new to campervan life you might be wondering if there are any things (outside of the essentials) that seasoned travellers swear by or things that you might not consider bringing as new campervan owners.

We've complied a list of some of the best campervan gadgets and accessories which are designed to make your life in campervans easier and more fun whilst on the road.

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External Storage Box

An external storage box attaches to the outside of your campervan or motorhome and affords you additional storage space, making it one of the essential campervan accessories for many users.

It's an especially good idea for things that you use outdoors like additional seating to make sure that small space on the inside of your campervan stays clean for you to sleep and relax in. It's a great way to keep bulky items separate from your living space too, especially folding chairs and tables (depending on your box size).

There are a couple of things that you will need to consider purchasing one. This includes how you will access it, particularly if it is a roof mounted box, and what the weight limit is for both the campervan accessories in the box and the campervan itself.

Folding Stool

A folding stool is one of those useful campervan gadgets that has several uses. In your campervan it can make it easier to reach and get into the pop-top roof bed and in a motorhome it makes it easier to reach the higher up storage areas.

If you have one of the aforementioned storage or roof boxes then it can help you to access that safely too. Plus, it's also a handy extra seat for kids or for any additional visitors to where you're set up for camp.

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Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great space saving option to minimise the amount of room your clothes, towels, and even some of your bedding takes up in your campervan. Once you gather everything together to pack up the campervan you might not realise how much space a rucksack can take up.

As well as saving space by squashing whatever you bring with you into handy cubes, it makes it easier to store as each individual cube can be placed around the campervan by itself where space allows as opposed to a rucksack or case that is a single large item.

Another great use is that it helps to keep dirty clothes, including anything that gets wet or muddy, separate from the rest of your belongings and therefore helps to keep the campervan a cleaner space to spend time.

Microfiber Towels

Many seasoned campers swear by replacing your normal towers with microfiber towels instead when you're living the van life. The main benefit is that they don't absorb liquid, they just hold it which means that they won't collect bacteria and they dry much, much quicker.

Their design also allows them to offer a high level of reusability as it doesn't deteriorate with washing. It's estimated that a microfiber towel can be washed between 400 and 500 times before it needs replacing, making it a more sustainable option too!

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Internal Thermal Screens

Internal thermal screens, also sometimes called internal blinds, are a great campervan gadget to bring with you thanks to their multiple benefits.

They are placed in the window panels and across the windscreen on the inside of the campervan or motorhome and help to regulate the temperature inside the van in both summer and winter if you buy the right ones. Screens with a silvered side you can face these outwards during the summer to reflect the sunlight and reduce the amount of heat that builds up inside.

They are also a great option for privacy, both whilst you're sleeping and if you set off on an adventure on foot and eave the campervan where you've set up camp. It stops people from being able to see what belongings you've left and keeps the inside dark to help you get a better nights sleep.

Many people prefer these over an external wrap as they stay dry which means you don't pack them away with condensation or moisture on them which means they won't grow mouldy or get damaged whilst being stored.

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Portable Power Source

There are a number of different types of portable power station options that you can choose from and it's most important to find what will be best for you on your trip.

Most people will be familiar with a power bank, a portable battery that you charge and then take with you to use to charge devices and extend the battery life on things like your phone or tablet on the go, and it's still a strong option for your portable devices.

There's also options which plug into the 12V socket in camper vans which then allows you to use that extension to plug in devices through a USB port or a three pin plug, model dependent.

For larger items that require more power you'll want to look at a portable power station, available in a variety of power capacities, that you can charge up before you go and use to power a few things, like a mini fridge, a hairdryer, or a heater in cold weather.

Another option is a solar panel which makes your van life easier from a number of angles; they are sustainable, you don't need to carry a bulky generator or power station, they're quiet, and energy-independent. To have solar panels power larger items you'll need to make sure that you purchase one that will store and generate enough power for these.

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Campervan Toilet

A campervan toilet is maybe the best campervan gadget you can take with you if you plan to do some wild camping.

In Scotland, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code says "If you need to urinate, do so at least 30 metres from open water or rivers and streams. If you need to defecate, do so as far away as possible from buildings, from open water or rivers and streams, and from any farm animals. Bury faeces in a shallow hole and replace the turf."

As a result it's much more convenient to have a portable toilet with you, especially in the middle of the night, as you don't need to try to find an appropriate area, just one that gives you privacy. It's also much more friendly towards the Leave No Trace policy that the Scottish Outdoor Access Code asks you to adhere to.

There are a number of different options and sizes available, including ones that fold up for storage, so it you should be able to find one that suits your trip and stops with no problem.

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It might seem like an obvious item to pack but if you're new to van life you might overlook some of the essential campervan gadgets like lanterns. These can be used without being plugged in to a power source in many cases, making it even easier to keep your space well lit.

Solar powered camping lights are recharged by sunlight so you can leave them sitting in front of the windows all day to make use of the energy at night. You'll just need to give them a trial before your trip to make sure they're the right brightness and last the right amount of time after a day's charge.

There are also hand crank lanterns which rely on your turning a handle to generate energy for the lantern to use. Some of these will double as torches or will also be able to also be charged by USB to give you a multipurpose lantern that is really practical for camping and also power cuts.

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One of the cool campervan gadgets that is also incredibly practical and helps you with space saving is a multi tool. The most well known example is the Swiss Army Knife, which is also a blanket term that many people use to mean a multi-tool.

Typical the tool will contain parts such as a knife blade, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a nail file, tweezers, hex keys, and other specialised for sports or outdoor activities. When you're camping this allows you to have one handy item that you can use in multiple situations and will likely save you from taking a full tool kit on your trip "just in case".

Handheld Vacuum

If you're planning more than a day or two in your campervan or regular trips away then you might also want to consider a handheld vacuum to keep the space clean, especially if the weather forecast isn't particularly good and you'll be spending a lot of time inside.

You can buy a cordless one and charge before you go or opt for one that can be charged from the campervan or your chosen portable power source. Alternatively, a good old dustpan and brush will do the same job for you with a little more effort!

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Portable Camping Shower

If you are planning to go wild camping or off the beaten track for a few days then one of the more fun campervan gadgets to consider trying is a portable camping shower. These can have an electric or manual pump, with manual being more popular as there is no need for an electric hook up, and some are also solar heated.

For privacy whilst using these many people will use them within a campervan tent or awning attachment or buy a separate pop up standing tent to use alongside their chosen portable shower.

It can also be another of those gadgets for campervans which has multiple uses. Travellers have advised that they have also used their portable shower for cleaning off muddy shoes and bikes, to hose off sand after a day at the beach, and for getting the dog clean before they jump back into the campervan.


The more you travel the more you'll discover what the best campervan gadgets are for your needs and we have only covered a few of the most popular options that seasoned travellers highlight.

For more information about the equipment that comes with one of our hired Volkswagen campervans and to book your trip contact Clarkie's Campers today!