Top tips for travelling in a campervan with your pet

For those with pets at home, you will agree that packing your bags and setting off on your travels can be both distressing and extremely expensive. Let’s be honest, kennels aren’t cheap and why should your pet miss out? One of the many reasons why you should hire a campervan from Clarkies Campers in Aberdeen or Edinburgh is that you can bring your pet on holiday with you. Truth be told, not many hotels or B&Bs allow this option, plus, taking your pet with you in a campervan will ensure you get out and explore the great outdoors and help you meet others around the campsite. However, traveling with your pet, is almost like travelling with a small child, you need to be prepared. That’s were we come in, read Clarkies Campers top tips for traveling in a campervan with a pet to ensure your camping trip is hassle free and memorable (for only good reasons).

Pet Friendly Campervan Hire

Moving off – How to drive with your pet in a campervan

Many people who hire a campervan decide to put their pet in a crate while they drive to the campsite, others opt for a dog seat belt. Our best advise is, know your animal. If you choose to travel with your pet in a crate or cage, bring it with you to our Clarkies Campers sites in Aberdeen or Edinburgh, this will help you decide on which campervan to hire.

On the journey - Plan your stops and meals ahead of time

Make sure you plan your journey, allow time for pit stops so your pet can stretch its legs (you to will benefit from this). This will also give your pet the chance to go to the toilet and have some water or food before the next leg of the journey. This will you avoid any naughtiness on the road.

At your Destination – Research Research Research

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a campsite and realising that they don’t allow pets! Do a lot of research before you set off on your adventure with you beloved pet. Avoid having to turn the campervan around and head home. It is also worth checking up on any amenity restrictions, where is your pet allowed and where is it not allowed? This will help you avoid any hurdles at the campsite.

Sleeping arrangements

Once you decide to hire a campervan and take your pet on holiday with you, it is important to ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable throughout the whole trip. Make sure to pack items which are familiar to your pet, include favourite toy, blanket or bed, this will help make your pet feel at home away from home.

Packing Checklist

  • Food
  • Food and water bowls
  • Toys & Bones
  • Collar & Lead
  • Towel
  • Dog Bed
  • Poop bag
  • Jacket

Most importantly have fun! Why not contact Clarkies Campers today and enquire about our pet friendly campervan hire. We assure you that you will have the best time taking your pet on holiday with you.