How Glamping in a VW Campervan is Transforming Scotland’s Camping Experience

If someone asked you to join them on a camping trip, what is the first thing to spring to mind? Dirt, rain, cold, mud? Or perhaps you think more about the fundamentals such as a hot cup of tea, a comfortable bed or a socket to charge your phone?


Let’s be honest, camping and glamour have never worked simultaneously. Nevertheless, over the past few years in Scotland this has all changed with the newfound craze for hiring a campervan and “glamping” in the highlands. Glamping in a hired VW campervan is now trendy, aspirational and dare I add, extremely instagrammable. So, if you are tempted by the thought of camping, minus the leaking tent, soggy sheets and overwhelming gusts of frosty British air, then simply hire a VW camper van and go glamping.

Truth be told, renting a camper van is an excellent way to explore Scotland and the rest of the UK for that matter. Hire a campervan from Clarkies Campers in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and we will help make it easy to travel the Scottish countryside authentically yet comfortably. Both of our locations in Scotland stock the latest VW California models, including the Volkswagen Ocean and Volkswagen Beach. Therefore, you can hire a campervan which suits your exact needs and traveling requirements. Better yet, when you rent a campervan for Clarkies Campers you will be guaranteed a model that is less than 12 months old. So, from the moment you fasten your seatbelt and step on the gas, your holiday begins. So, pack your bags and leave your worries behind as we have you completely covered for your camping trip, (literally).

Comfort in a small space sounds almost unimaginable, yet, inside our California vans there is enough room for a family of four, plus pets. After a long day of exploring, you can return to the campervan, relax and unwind. Whether you fancy kicking back in the comfortable, spacious lounge area and listening to your favourite playlist via the California’s high-tech infotainment systems or cook a tasty meal, our VW camper vans provide you with all your necessities. Choose to dine outdoors and watch the sun settle and the stars gleam upon the Scottish landscape while sat below a fully waterproof awning. Or grab a cold bottle of wine from the fridge (no cool box needed), sit back and watch other riled campers – besieged by the coldness within their tents. No doubt you will be overjoyed that you choose to hire a dry-as-a-bone motorhome.

There has been great debate over glamping and whether it provides an authentic camping experience. But at the end of the day, it simply takes what is great about camping – the escape of modern life, the unpolluted country air, and adds an extra dash of luxury. What’s more, campervans provide you with the freedom to explore, the open road is your playground, stop wherever the heart desires. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little luxury or ‘glamour’ to your camping trip, so hire a campervan and feel at home away from home.

VW Campervan Hire in Scotland

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